Costa Rican Adventure Holiday

Costa Rican Adventure Holiday
Culture rating 3 out of 5Activity rating 4 out of 5Nature rating 4 out of 5

Linda Whalen

We had a great trip - a fantastic country with lots to see and do and it ticked lots of boxes on my wish list

There were only 6 on our tour (one man left half way through reducing us to 5 people) Our guide Eduardo was excellent and proved very useful at finding animals / birds to view (he provided a really good telescope for close shots) and also was very knowledgeable about them . Eduardo also took us to local bars and restaurants which kept the cost down on food.

Some of the accomodation was brilliant - Carribean was on the beach with hammock on veranda, Monteverde hotel was up a mountatin and had fantastic views. A couple of places were just adequate.

Our guide ensured that we could do extra activities. He organised zip lining through the rainforest, snorkelling over a coral reef, and a trip to the themal pools form Arenal volcano. These experiences (including the whitewater rafting which was the best activity) made it an extra special trip.

I would recommend this holiday to anyone who likes to do some adventurous activities and see such a diverse range of environments. The one negative is that there is a lot of driving to do over some poor quality roads and routes tend not to be direct, and the double flight is very tiring

Thank you for your involvement in organising a great holiday