Antarctic Explorer Cruise


Holiday Fact File

Trip Code: PSX
Region: Polar
Countries visited: Antarctica, Argentina
Activities: Penguins, Marine Wildlife, Antarctica, Glaciers, Expedition Cruising
Duration: 15 Days
Difficulty: Leisurely
Profile: Expedition cruising in comfortable conditions.
Meals: Full board while on the ship.
Accomodation: 9 nights on the ship.
Group: Full complement of qualified Expedition Staff. See 'Ship Info' Tab for full details of capacity and ship deck plans.

Holiday price from: to land only.

The South Shetland Islands and the channels of the Antarctic Peninsula form arguably the most spectacular and certainly the most pristine wilderness on earth.

Chinstrap penguins on ice, Antarctica

This is an astonishing adventure into the heart of the Peninsula. It is a heady and inspiring cocktail of towering blue icebergs which refract searing blues and greens, whether against piercing clear skies or slate grey ones. It is home to an extraordinary array of wildlife: penguins of almost all descriptions, Leopard and smaller seals and whales, seen from the shore, the Zodiacs and from on board. This is a journey that appeals to many: photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, ornithologists or those who simply want to marvel at the peaks of Deception Island or the striking colours of Iceberg Alley in the most immaculate wilderness anywhere.

Holiday Itinerary

Picture of the Antarctic Explorer Cruise itinerary map
Day 1: Board ship and sail along the Beagle Channel.

Day 2-3: Cross the Drake Passage.

Day 4-5-6-7: Explore the Antarctic Peninsula.

Day 8-9: Sail back through the Drake Passage.

Day 10: Disembark and end in Ushuaia.Show detailed information

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